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Renovo:  from the Latin, meaning to renew or restore.

The mission of Renovo Christian Counseling is to help bring renewal and restoration to your life and relationships. It is to partner with you to discover and apply practical and lasting solutions to the issues with which you struggle. Whatever the need that motivates you to seek counsel, you can achieve healing, growth and change. You will have the opportunity to identify and assess issues which may be a source of pain or struggle and to get direction and support in finding effective and enduring solutions.

Please peruse this site to get an idea of the range of services available, then call or email if you have questions or wish to make an appointment.

May God bless you in your journey!


NOTICE:  Due to the current COVID-19 situation, I am not seeing clients in the office for the month of April. I am seeing clients only through secure video appointments. I am still accepting new clients, if upon phone interview I deem it appropriate for online sessions. I pray you and your loved ones are well. Let us not be slack in asking the Lord to be our strength and deliverer!



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Now offering teletherapy appointments. Contact me for information.