What is Christian Counseling?

To put it simply, "Christian" counseling, as opposed to therapies that are value-neutral, recognizes there is a greater basis for truth than the mind of man. As perceptive as man can be, there is a limit to what we can know or perceive or understand apart from the wisdom and guidance we can gain from God's Word. Christian counseling approaches therapy from a world view that is informed and shaped by biblical truth, while also embracing proven techniques and therapeutic strategies that do not conflict with biblical truth. Add in a good dose of common sense and compassion and the end product is how I approach counseling. I believe the integration of these ingredients yields by far the best results in the counseling process.

However, with the above being said, it is not necessary that a client share my own convictions/beliefs in order to establish a healthy therapeutic relationship with great potential for help and growth. I have worked with many, many clients through the years of different faiths or no faith at all to find relief for presenting issues. It is, in fact, my Christian faith which guides me in giving value and respect to each person wherever they may be in their life journey.

Mike Nichols, LMFT

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